The mystery about MH370 could have been solved

In 1977 I came forth with the idea of a Position and Rescue Locoator. It broadcasts the crash site of an aircraft accident with a self-ejecting radio device hanging on a weather balloon.
It was rejected as unnecessary. After a third attempt in 1992 it was finally acknowledged, but never realized.
After further unsuccessful attempts to have it built I will now make it known to the public, hoping this will help.

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If AF447 would have had it on board, the crash site had been known within minutes. If the MH370 would have had this system on board,
Air Traffic Control would have known the position of the aircraft the instant the transponder had been shut off.
The position would have been broadcasted in short intervals to all air traffic control stations, to all ships and to all satellites.

The aircraft would have been located the minute it had touched ground or water.

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