Here you will find interesting objects, images or texts that are either rare or so well done that they deserve to be made available to the public.
With Shift+Right click you should download the bigger files onto your computer. It is always worth it!

Leopard new .
ATM . .
Hamlet 1,4 MB Thank you, Mr. Lannig
2 x Paris . .
The difference . Thank you, Manfred
Africa . Thank you, Manfred
Pepsi 1,08 MB .

Women's lib has come a long way!

177 KB Thank you, Denise
Jetblast 350 KB Thank you, Thomas
Mandarin Airlines 353 KB Thank you, Jo
Diary of a Snow Shoveler 7 KB Thank you, Bruce
Schnee (Above Diary in German) 11 KB .
Dinner Conversation 3 KB Thank you, Bruce
Word Options 9 KB Thank you, Anja
Ditch 262 KB Thank you, Jo
Mediamarkt Leipzig (wav) 1,08 MB Danke, Klaus
Mad Cow Disease 155 KB .
Alaska . Live Cam
Used Car for sale 107 KB .
Kalt ist relativ   . Danke, Manfred
How to Sing the Blues  . Thank you, Alice
An Oasis of Peace and Tranquility  . Thank you, Alice
Kitty . Thank you, Bruce
We'll go forward (it is worth waiting for it to download!) 2.4 MB Thank you, Bruce
Heathrow 527 KB Thank you, Klaus
BMW  . Thank you, Wolle


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